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Germany: The Case of Missing Unicorns

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Germany: Four Unicorns, Then Five And Now Back to Four

In recent note, we looked at global unicorns and counted four resident in Germany. After that, we thought Teamviewer would probably also make it to the list. Thus, we were getting to a total of five. After the IPO of Delivery Hero we are now back to four.

Missing: >20 German Unicorns

Compared to the US with a total of more than 100 unicorns Germany is very light. Comparing absolute numbers, however, often leads to the result that a small country is smaller than a large. Not very insighthful.

Therefore, we have now referenced US and German unicorns to the size of their respective economies measured in GDP.

This leads to the result, that Germany is missing >20 unicorns with a value to XXbn to reach US levels.