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20 Kinds of Unicorns – Glossary

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Barkow Consulting Unicorn Glossary

Due to excessive appearance of unicorns and inflationary use of the term in recent time, we have decided to present a Unicorn Glossary below:

  • Unicorn – Mystical extremely rare animal with super (healing) powers or more frequently startup valued at $1bn or more. The latter was  first popularized by the venture capitalist Aileen Lee in November 2013
  • Semicorn – Semi Unicorn: Startup worth 500m or more
  • Ubercorn – At some time the most valuable unicorn globally currently valued at $68bn, also known as UBER, nowadays overtaken by ANTIcorn
  • ANTIcorn – the most valuable unicorn globally, nowadays even listed
  • Super Unicorn – Startup worth $100bn or more, see ANTIcorn
  • Quintecacorn – See Semicorn
  • Decacorn – startup valued at $10bn or more
  • Babycorn – Recently born Unicorn
  • Dancicorn – Dancing Unicorn, Chris Gledhill seems to breed them…
  • Newnicorn – See Babycorn
  • EUnicorn – EU Unicorn, even more seldom than Unicorns generally
  • FinTechicorn – Unicorn, that lives in FinTech forrest
  • Propcorn – Unicorn, that lives in PropTech forrest
  • Parkicorn – Babycorn, that helps detect free parking spots and lives on Barbara Lampls dashboard
  • Cuticorn – Cute unicorn that is often, but not always a Babycorn/Newnicorn
  • Centaur – Startup on the way to becoming a unicorn currently valued at $100m or more
  • Kaputticorn – Unicorn, that is no longer among us…
  • Celebicorn – Unicorn founded by a celebrity
  • Coinicorn – Unicorn with business model based on Bitcoin often also referred to as Blockchainicorn
  • Blockchainicorn – Unicorn with business model based on Blockchain often also Bitcoinicorn
  • Chocicorn – Unicorn made of cholocate sometimes even only cholocate wrapped in unicorn paper

As usual we are grateful for any addition to the list.