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What are we looking at?

Banknotes in circulation are a liability item in a central bank’s balance sheet. Coins, which constitute only a small percentage of euro cash, are by definition not included. Charts on this page cover volume development, growth, and seasonality of cash in the means Eurozone and in Germany. The data is updated on a weekly basis.

Why are we looking at it?

Cash is an integral part of a country’s money supply and continues to play an important role as a means of payment especially in Germany. It has also become increasingly significant as an asset class for retail investors. It serves as a safe haven in volatile times and therefore as an important crisis indicator.

Highlights for Eurozone

  • Eurozone cash increased by €3.49bn (0.25% w-o-w) to a total of €1,403bn
  • Largest increase in 16 weeks (in €)

Highlights for Germany

  • German cash increased by €0.20bn (0.06% w-o-w) to a total of €340bn