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German FinTech VC 2018: Breaking Through €1bn Mark

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German FinTech Investments 2018: Breaking Through €1bn Mark

The state of global FinTech VC is subject to continuous debate. While international data points for 2018 are not yet out, we review German numbers below:

  • Record Quarter
  • Record Year
  • More Than €1bn Invested

FY 2018 – More Than €1bn Invested For The 1st Time

  • Equity VC investments came in at €1.1bn
  • Reaching a new record high and exceeding the €1bn mark of the first time
  • Equity VC investment growth accelerated to 55% yoy after two years of slowing momentum (2017: 16% yoy, 2016: +38% yoy, 2015: +145% yoy)
  • Number of equity VC deals declined by 10% yoy to 127, revisions throughout the year are likely to push the number higher, however
  • Funding environment getting tougher still: Ratio of equity VC deals to number of Startups declined markedly from 20% in 2017 to 16% in 2018
  • Top 10 deals accounted for more than half of German FinTech equity VC (53% or €594m)
  • The largest deal (N26) alone was worth 12% of German FinTech equity VC or €130m
  • FinTech represents almost a third or 29% of all German equity Venture Capital

Q4 2018 – A Record Quarter

  • Equity VC investments hit a new record high in Q4 at €353m up 45% qoq and more than doubling over Q4 2017
  • Number of equity VC deals in Q4 came in at 31 hardly changed qoq and yoy, the quarterly average since 2012 stands at 32 deals
  • We count 13 large deals in Q4 with a funding volume at or above  €10m
  • Top Deals: Tado, Finleap, NavVis, Element, Price f(x) and xbAV
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