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German InsurTech in 18 Facts

InsurTech VC is Mega Hot!

What do Ashton Kutcher, Tech behemoths such as Google/Alphabet and Alibabatop venture capitalists, leading insurance giants and German publishing houses have in common?

They have all discovered InsurTech as a potential goldmine and are chasing startups with their venture capital dollars. In aggregate, they have invested $2.7bn globally in 2015, which is more than 3.5x the 2014 number.

And What’s Going on in Germany?

Apparently, InsurTech VC is mega hot at present. After fairr.de has been awarded FinTech of the Year 2015 it’s definitely time to see, what is going on in Germany. Consequently, we have drawn down relevant InsurTech info from our proprietary Barkow Consulting FinTech Money Map data base.

Below We Present the Anatomy of German InsurTech in 18 Points:

  1. We count a total of 25 InsurTech startups in Germany
  2. 10 InsurTech startups are backed by VC
  3. 4 InsurTech startups have successfully closed ≥ three funding rounds
  4. > €40m Venture Capital has been invested since 2012
  5. €27m VC was invested in 2015 alone
  6. This is >3x 2014, but only 1% of global InsurTech VC
  7. We count 23 VC funding rounds since 2012
  8. We count 9 funding rounds in 2015
  9. 33 VCs have invested in German InsurTech
  10. … of which 3 with 2 investments each
  11. … of which 8 foreign VCs
  12. > 40 Angel Investors have invested in German InsurTech
  13. 3 InsurTech startups raised €8m or more each
  14. 2 M&A deals closed in 2015
  15. startupbootcamp lured German massup into its London InsurTech acceleretor
  16. 2 German InsurTech startups are crowdfunded
  17. Only 3 German insurance companies have invested in FinTech so far
  18. 2 foreign insurance companies have invested in German FinTech

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