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ANT Financials Consumer Loans to Exceed All of Germany by 2022

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ANT Financials Consumer Lending Book to Exceed Germany in 2022

We have recently come across a very interesting article shedding some light on consumer lending of Chinas Uber-FinTech ANT Financial.* Below, we put ANT’s number in German perspective:

  • ANT Financial currently has a consumer lending book** of $95m equivalent to €77m
  • This equates to 28% of total German consumer loans
  • At constant exchange rates ANT Financial has grown consumer loans by 75% per annum over the last Which is 28x as fast as German consumer lending growth of 3% pa
  • ANT’s consumer lending loan book will be larger than total German consumer loans in 2022, assuming a gradual decline of its loan growth to 25% pa in 2023 and constant German growth of 3% pa unitl 2023
*) We have not independently verified data menioned in the article. **) The term „loan book“ may not be 100% accurate as ANT is securitising parts of its loans.