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Barbie Trumps Oppie

The live-action adaptation of the iconic doll, „Barbie,“ has achieved the best North American box office start of the year, surpassing the nuclear bomb drama „Oppenheimer,“ which takes the second spot in ticket sales. „Barbie,“ a lively comedy about the adventures of the iconic toy doll and her friend Ken in real California, has grossed approximately $162m in the USA and Canada, according to estimates. On the other hand, „Oppenheimer,“ a historical drama centered around Robert Oppenheimer, the „father of the atomic bomb,“ has earned around $83m at the box office.

Due to its longer runtime of three hours compared to Barbie’s less than two hours, the number of screenings for „Oppenheimer“ was, however, more limited.

The above trends are also reflected in global search traffic, where Barbie trumps Oppenheimer too.