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Christmas Special: COVID19, Lockdowns etc.? Santa Will Just Quietly Deliver!

Santa Has Always Had the Toughest Job

2021 was a challenging year for us? Might be, but just consider for a minute the person, who probably has the toughest job around:


Already in normal times, it is stressful to deliver all these many parcels in an extremely short time window against an unforgiving deadline for very demanding customers (kids…).

Unfortunately, COVID19 Just Adds to His Challenges

Personal Constraints
As far as we understand, Santa is a man with a long white beard. This means he is probably advanced in years and likely belongs to a pretty vulnerable peer group in corona times?

Product Supply
• How is Santa affected by supply chain issues leading to key products being scarce?
• How is he affected by closed shops or lengthy security checks?
• Just FYI: We are unsure, whether Santa buys retail or wholesale. Given the sheer volume of product probably both…

Product Delivery
• Which contact limitations apply and where (home vs. public vs. work)?
• Which G-status does Santa have to comply with?
(Gs stand for G-eimpft, G-enesen or G-etestet in German. Recovered, vaccinated or tested in English)
• Which G-status is relevant for his customers?
• Which G-Status is relevant for his employees (elves, raindeers)?
• Does Santa have to pursue security checks and keep records?
• Does he even have to offer free tests?
• How would a suitable sanitation concept look like?
• How can he cope with regional differences across the globe?

And have we heard Santa complain yet? Not a single word. Therefore, we are absolutely sure:

Santa will quietly deliver.

Santa Is Our COVID19 Role Model

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