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Ethan Hunts James Bond

Mission: Impossible Is Right on the Heels of James Bond in Terms of Box Office Revenues

For more than half a century, the James Bond and Mission: Impossible franchises have dominated the world of espionage and action on the big screen. James Bond, with his iconic theme songs and thrilling adventures, has captured the hearts of audiences around the world and generated massive revenue for the franchise. The James Bond film Skyfall even broke the billion-dollar barrier in 2012. In total, the James Bond franchise has grossed a staggering US$5.5bn with 26 movies at the global box office.

Not to be outdone, Tom Cruise and his team of Mission: Impossible films have also cemented their status as a box office powerhouse. With their breathtaking stunts, they have consistently delivered big returns at cinemas around the world. The franchise has grossed a remarkable $3.3bn with only six movies. The most recent film, Fallout, took in US$791m in 2018, putting it even ahead of the last James Bond movie, No Time to Die, which grossed US$774m in 2021. However, the latter may have been negatively affected by the late COVID-19 cinematic malaise.

Now let’s see how Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning, which opens this week, will do.

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