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EU Gas Reserves: What Do We Have in Store?

EU Gas Storage Capacity Is Currently Utilized by 37%

Russian Gas is a hot topic these days and almost all European countries are debating on when and how to exit it and also how to pay for it. At the same time, there is always the risk that Russia might cut off the delivery of it completely, just as it has already announced for Poland and Bulgaria.

Therefore, we took a closer look at European measured gas reserves and recalculated its reserve days as well as the percentage of storage capacity as shown in the interactive chart below.

Current EU Gas Reserves Would Last for Less Than 36 Days

– The EU gas storage stands currently at 37% of capacity and would last for 36 days based on the average daily consumption of last year. Given that gas consumption is highly seasonal and currently declining heavily given high temperatures the real run rate might be higher though
– Latvia is best positioned with gas stored for 233 days, while Sweden ranks last with less than one day, if published data is correct
– Ukraine gas storage is only filled up by 14%, but would last for 51 days

The development of EU gas reserves 2022 in a historical context can be seen HERE.