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German FinTech Investments 2019: Breaking Through €3bn Mark

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German FinTech Investments 2019: Breaking Through €3bn Mark

The state of global FinTech VC is subject to continuous debate. While international data points for 2019 are not yet out, we review German numbers below:

  • Record Year on most measures
  • Total Investments exceed €3bn
  • Equity Investments at almost €1.7bn

FY 2019 – A Total of More Than €3bn Invested For The 1st Time

  • Total investments including equity VC, debt and M&A exceed €3bn for the 1st time, almost double yoy
  • Equity VC investments came in at €1.7bn, reaching yet another record high
  • Equity VC investment growth slightly down at 44% yoy after 59% 2018 (2017: +10% yoy, 2016: +47% yoy, 2015: +145% yoy)
  • Number of equity VC deals increased again by 8% yoy to 141 after a decline in deal count 2018, revisions throughout the year might push total deals 2019 to a new record high even, which currently stands at 144 (2017)
  • Funding environment 2019 probably as good as it gets benefiting from a lot of very large rounds, 2020 might feel negative impact of WeWork’s failed IPO and related negativ impact on investor sentiment
  • Top 10 deals accounted for almost 2/3 of German FinTech equity VC (61% or €1.040m)
  • FinTech yet again represents more than a quarter or 27% of all German equity Venture Capital
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