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Goodbye Asparagus, See You Next Year!

Asparagus Demand Peaks Early May

The asparagus season typically begins in mid-April, depending on the weather. Asparagus demand seems to be highest in early May with strong weekly peaks at weekends. Asparagus harvest ends on 24 June each year.

Why Does the German Asparagus Harvest End 24 June?

The asparagus season traditionally ends on 24 June, known as St. John’s Day. This rule is also known as „Asparagus New Year’s Eve“ and has an agricultural background. After harvesting, the asparagus needs time to gather enough energy for next year’s growth. The plant needs a period of rest to recover and to grow so that it can produce asparagus the following season.

The „Asparagus New Year’s Eve“ rule gives asparagus plants about 100 days of growth after the last harvest to carry out photosynthesis and build up reserves for the next season. If harvesting were to continue beyond St John’s Day, it could negatively affect the productivity of the plants.