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Securities Tracker

Highlights for Eurozone

  • Securities (Monetary Policy Purposes) decreased by €2.9bn (minus 0.1%, Δ 1 week) to a total of €4,722bn

Highlights for Germany

  • Securities (Monetary Policy Purposes) decreased by €1.7bn (minus 0.2%, Δ 1 week) to a total of €1,019bn

What are we looking at?

Securities are an asset in a central bank’s balance sheet. Charts on this page cover volume development, growth, and seasonality of Securities held by the ECB and Deutsche Bundesbank. The data is updated on a weekly basis.

Why are we looking at it?

Central banks buy bond securities as part of Quantitative Easing to reduce long term interest rates and encourage bank lending. The development of securities is therefore an indicator of central banks‘ quantitative easing activity. 
Last ECB data per 10.11.2023 and last Bundesbank data per 10.11.2023.