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The „Average“ Nobel Laureate in Economics vs. the Class of 2022

It’s Nobel Time Again, Time to Look at Who Typically Wins in Economics

It is each year at the beginning of October that Nobel Laureates are announced. We took this as an opportunity to see who typically wins in Economic Sciences (precisely The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel). You could also say, we tried to find the common denominator or average of extraordinary people.

As you can see below the „average“ Economics Laureate is male (98%), 67 years old, and works in the US (83%), most commonly in Chicago (15%).

The Economics Class of 2022 Fits Right In

The Nobel Prize in Economics 2022 went to Ben Bernanke, Douglas Diamond & Philip Dybvig

On simple stats the class of 2022 is fairly average:
– 100% Male (Ø 1969-2021 98%)
– 68.3ys old (Ø 66.7ys)
– 100% US (Ø 83%)
– 33% Chicago (Ø 15%)

The Typical Nobel Laureate in Economics is Male (98%)

The Typical Nobel Laureate in Economics is 67 Years Old

The Typical Nobel Laureate in Economics Works in the US

Nobel Laureates Most Commonly Work in Chicago