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Unicorn Birth Rate Accelerating

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Deep Dive into Unicorn Land

We have untertaken a deep dive into the fascinating world of unicorns (startups with a valuation of at least $1bn). Once a mystical species and considered extinct, they started breeding again after the financial crisis in 2008.

This is Where They Stand in 10 Facts:

  1. There are currently 194 unicorns worth $674bn across the globe

  2. Uber is a real UberCorn with a valuation of $68bn (or 10% of global unicorn value)

  3. More than half of global unicorns live in the US (103 unicorns or 54%)

  4. Germany is home to 4 unicorns, none of which makes it into the Top 35

  5. Most unicorns are eCommerce startups (35 unicorns or 20%)

  6. FinTech is the 3rd largest sector (22 unicorns or 12%)

  7. Unicorn birth rate has peaked at 74 in 2015

  8. Asia was the top breeder in 2016, currently representing 36% of global unicorns

  9. Unicorn birth rate seems to be accelerating again counting 21 newly borns YTD

  10. On current birth rate 2017 will see >50 new unicorns ahead of 2016



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