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Barkow Consulting Post-Factual Research: 5th Anniversary!

Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research: 5 Years Young!

It is now precisely five years since we launched our highly successful Barkow Consulting Post-Factual Research product line. By that time, we were fascinated by the efficiency of a research product based on gut feel alone. And yes we envied people using it very successfully. So, we really had to catch up…

At present, we continue to work on a beta-version of Barkow Consulting Cheating Charts „optimising“ the display of post-factual research products as well as Barkow Consulting Alternative Research, where we want to blab out numbers without any statistical backing. Admittedly, we are surprised how long our prototyping takes, but if you want to do research without any data, you really want to do it right. Nonetheless, we are still highly motivated by other people’s success using similar approaches, especially on social media.

What Do We Do With Data? Well Mostly, We Complain About It!

In order to celebrate the fifth birthday of Barkow Consulting Post-Factual Research, we have improved our highly successful What Do We Do With Data?-chart.

We were particularly encouraged by the highly constructive and always respectful debate on EconTwitter about the impact/costs of a German embargo on Russian energy and how to estimate them…