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400 FinTechs

>400 German FinTech Startups

In recent days the number of German FinTech startups included in our FinTech Money Map database has blown through the magical 400 threshold.

We took this as a sign to shed some  light on growth momentum and composition using our proprietary Barkow Consulting FinTech Money Map database.

German FinTech Growth in 8 Facts (& an Infographic):

  1. Our Barkow Consulting FinTech Money Map currently counts 405* ** German FinTech startups
  2. The universe has grown by a net 24%*** over the last 12 months
  3. 16 FinTech startups have ceased operations
  4. We have added 79*** new startups, more than 1.5 per week
  5. 9 of the 13*** subcategories we track have grown
  6. Investment & Alternative Finance lead the gowth pack
  7. P2P Payments & Bitcoin/Blockchain are the only declining categories
  8. German FinTech universe is dominated by Alternative Finance, PropTech & Investment

As a note of caution, we would like to state that the growth rate of our data base might be positively biased by an increased sector coverage. E. g. some startups might have existed before, but were included only during the last 12 months. A part of this bias is mitigated by the fact, that we will never be able include 100% of the market at any given time. Despite all efforts, we are likey still underestimating the current number of FinTech startups.

*) Due to the addition of PropTech  as a new category during the last 12 months our growth analysis is a more complicated than usual

**) PropTech included

***) PropTech excluded

Please click two times on below Infographic to enlarge: