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Post-Factual Research by Barkow Consulting – New Product Launch

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Our Core Business: Barkow Consulting Financial Research

You might be aware, that a strong arm of our business model is financial research. The chart below describes our research approach, which we call „Intelligent Data“:

From the above, it is unsurprising that data is the lifeline of our research activities.

In other words: Without Data, No Research & No Insights!

Recent Events Require New Products – Launching Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research

On the other hand, we pride ourselves of spotting future developments early and like to have products in place, when or at best even before things happen.

Therefore, the overwhelming success of post factualism in recent elections and the media has not gone unnoticed by us. Consequently, we think it is now time to take action and have decided to expand our product range. We are proud to present to you our brand new product:

Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research

Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research is extremely lean and efficient. As such it is necessary to cut out any complications created by data & facts. Instead, we focus on the best we have to offer:

Our gut feeling!

If You Detect Any Data Bias, Please Notify Us

Despite our best efforts, we cannot rule out, that in certain rare cases Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research is somehow biased by data or facts. Please don’t hesitate to notify us, should you spot one of these shortcomings. We will then take immediate action and strip out any data-driven distortions.

Even More Products In The Pipe: Barkow Consulting Cheating Charts

There are quite a few logical extensions to Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research.

We are currently thinking about developing Barkow Consulting Cheating Charts. This product is meant to optimise the display of our new research products. We will get back to you with first prototypes in due course.

Also, we are in the early stages of creating Barkow Consulting Alternative Research, where we intend to blab out numbers without statistical backing.

First Samples of Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research

Below we list three samples of our new product. As mentioned above, Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research does not rely on data. It ignores them on purpose. This has a positive side effect: We are now easily able to expand our research activities beyond finance as you will notice below.

Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research might contain humour, which is not always easy to detect…

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