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Banks & Unicorns

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We have untertaken a deep dive into into FinTech companies with a valuation north of $1bn commonly referred to as unicorns. We have then compared them to the listed German banking sector.

We have found the following:

– Globally, there are currently 42 FinTech companies with an individual valuation of more than $ 1bn …
– …7 of which are worth more than $ 5bn each
– The combined value of all 42 FinTech unicorns is ca $150bn
– FinTech accounts for ca 1/3 of total global unicorns
– PayPal is the most valuable FinTech company with a market capitalisation of close to $ 50bn
– The total value of top 5 unicorns exceeds the combined value of 5 big listed German banks
– PayPal is worth (marginally) more than the next 8 FinTech unicorns together

Looking at below chart, it becomes obvious that a bank strategy „We wait which FinTech companies survive and buy them later“ is unlikely to be successful …

… at least not until the FinTech bubble bursts …

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