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It’s 2023 When Super-Santa Calls Aquaman

Santa Is the Greatest Superhero

Who could seriously doubt that Santa Claus is the greatest of all superheroes? After all, how else could he deliver all those billions of parcels to very demanding customers (children!) in an extremely short window of time and against an unforgiving deadline, even during COVID-19?

Without superpowers, that is simply impossible!

Sometimes, Even Super-Santa Needs Help

And so superhero movies have become a staple of the festive holiday season. Historically, December has been a good month for film releases, and in recent years this trend has extended to the superhero genre. These films have become an important part of the Christmas movie landscape, combining the excitement of superhero adventure with the festive spirit of the season.

The tradition of superhero Christmas movies dates back to December 1978 with the release of „Superman“, which set the stage for future December releases. Marvel and DC have each contributed four films to the Christmas line-up, some of which have achieved remarkable box office success. In particular, „Spider-Man: No Way Home“, released at the end of 2021, became the highest-grossing superhero film released during the Christmas period, earning an impressive US$1.9 billion worldwide. Close behind was DC’s Aquaman, which premiered in 2018 and has since accumulated US$1.1 billion to become the highest-grossing DC film to date.

The year 2018 was particularly significant, marked by the release of two unique superhero films that captivated audiences. However, the overall success of superhero films in 2023 was underwhelming, with a total box office of US$2.2 billion, the lowest since 2015, excluding the pandemic year of 2020.

All Superheroes Need Aquaman To Save 2023!

This year, Aquaman will lend a hand to Super-Santa with a release just days before Christmas.
And as the year draws to a close, it will be interesting to see if Aquaman can not only help Santa, but also reinvigorate the entire superhero genre and end 2023 on a high, proving once again the enduring appeal of superhero movies during the Christmas season.

Addition: Considering initial reviews, it seems ‚Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom‘ faces a significant challenge in reinvigorating the superhero genre.