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Deposit Required – By Country Analysis of EU Deposit Protection Scheme

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Sometimes Data Comes by Surprise

As a team it is our job to continuously screen the market for underresearched financial data. And in times of Open Data, there is thankfully a whole lot of it.

Nonetheless, sometimes data comes by surprise. In this case, we received an email from a fellow business partner alerting us to EBA data on national deposit security schemes, which have been sort of sneaked into the market.

The email read:

You will probably find a treasure chest of insights buried in the data. (our translation)

And indeed the data set was a diamond in the rough. Thus, we got to work and applied our research analytics…

EU Deposit Protection: €30bn Still Missing

Below we have summarised our findings and crafted an infographic:

  • EBA has released data for 31 countries (EU31)
  • The degree of deposit protection funds (excl. voluntary national schemes) varies substantially at present: While Luxembourg has literally no funds, Romania has the highest coverage ratio of 3.4% (in % of protected funds). The average protecion ratio for EU31 is 0.55%.
  • There is also a surprisingly high difference in target coverage levels. Most countries need a coverage of 0.8% of protected funds, but the number can go up t0 3.4% (for Romania). France on the other hand has the lowest coverage target at 0.5% of protected funds.
  • A total €30bn are currently missing versus target coverage ratios, but banks have until 3 July 2024 to fill the gap.
  • Germany has the largest gap at €7.8bn, followed by Italy (€4.7bn), Spain (€4.1bn) and the Netherlands (€3.3bn). France comes in 6th with a €1.9bn gap on a lower 0.5% target level.
  • A total of €6.8bn has been added to deposit security funds in 2016, with UK Banks having contributed ca 1/3 or €2.2bn. German banks have added €1.1bn and Spanish €0.5bn. Three countries (Croatia, Portugal and the Czech Republic) withdrew money from their schemes on a net basis.
  • Extraploating 2015/16 trends, 23 countries will reach their national target ratios before the July 2024 deadline. German banks will do so exactly 7 days ahead of the deadline. Admittedly, exptrapolating one years‘ trend is not a lot to hang your hat on, but that’s all the data there is at present. We will revisit numbers next year.


The EU requires national governments to protect deposits up to €100k regardless of respective protection funds.