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German VC – Mega Rounds Rocket-ing

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In recent research we have already mentioned the Private IPO, a term which was coined for a large VC round of US$100m or more.Globally, the number of private IPOs has increased dramatically in recent years, so we thought it is time to look at the German venture capital sector.

For that reason, we have collected data on German venture capital rounds with a minimum of US$50m. We call them mega rounds.

Our conclusions are the following:

– We count a total of 23 mega rounds since 2012
– The number of mega rounds  in Germany has increased to 10 in 2015, up from 8 in 2014 and 2 in 2013
– 5 of which where successfully executed by a single company: Delivery Hero
– Rocket Internet is related to 17 Mega Rounds (in one way or another)
– 9 funding rounds exceed US$100m and qualify as a Private IPO in the US sense
– Rocket Internet was involved (in one way or another) in all but one German Private IPOs
– Mega rounds are usually lead by US investors
– Rocket Internet is the only German mega round lead investor