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Germany’s Tech Student Decline

New Tech Students in Germany Are Down 6.5% YoY in 2021

The number of new students in Germany in 2021 was down for the second year in a row according to Germany’s statistical office Destatis. That alone is bad enough, but what is even worse is, that the number of new Tech students (STEM: Science, technology, engineering and mathematics)…
– is down for four years in a row
– grows more slowly or declines faster than total students for six years in a row

Destatis attributes this to a decrease in the total number of new entrants since 2019 driven by a decrease in the number of 17 to 22-year-olds in Germany and a decrease in foreign students coming to Germany due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
That might all be true, but still adds to future skilled labor shortages and needs fixing.