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Nobel Prize Inflation: 13 Laureates p.a. Since 2010

The Nobel Prize winners are announced each year at the beginning of October, with this year’s cycle beginning on 2 October with the announcement of the winner(s) in Physiology or Medicine and ending on 9 October with the winner(s) in Economic Sciences.

In the context of the prevailing inflationary conditions around the globe, we have examined the possibility of a „Nobel Prize inflation“, essentially to determine whether there has been an increase in the number of laureates over time. This question is based on the established criterion, which allows for the distribution of prizes among three eminent scientists within each category, thus theoretically positing a maximum of 18 laureates per year across six diversified categories.

The following graphs clearly show a long-term upward trend in the number of laureates, reaching a peak of 15 in 2001. After 2010, the average number of winners per year is 13 with a low of ten and a high of 14.

Let’s see how this year’s class will do compared to this…

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