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Solid Deal Count, Bleak Volume

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We review German FinTech investment numbers for Q1 2020 below:

Q1 2020 FinTech VC Trends

  • Equity investments came in very low in Q1 reaching a very bleak €171m, this is down 75% vs the all time high quarter of Q1 2019, but it is also the slowest start to the year since 2015, the quarterly average since 2015 stands at €234m
  • Number of equity deals in Q1 came in at 31, three deals or 11% higher yoy, the quarterly average since 2015 stands at 33 deals
  • Surprisingly, we observe a complete absence of deals above €21m
  • Top Deals: Limehome (€21m), Penta (€18m), Omnius (13m), Fincompare (€12m) and Trade Republic (€10m)

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