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The FinTech Club of 20 in Germany

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We have just identified 29 globally leading FinTech investors with more than 20 FinTech investments each since 2009. We call this elite group The FinTech Club of 20.

And Yes, the FinTech Club of 20 Has Come to Germany already:

– 8 or ca 30% of the 29 Club of 20 investors have invested in German FinTech companies already

– Accel Partners, Route 66 ventures and Index Ventures have invested in two German FinTech companies each

– Nonetheless, the Club of 20’s share of German investments is less than two percent based on total FinTech investments

– Auxmoney and Global Savings are the only German FinTech companies that have managed to attract two Club of 20 members as investors each

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